About Us

DARK IN LOVE is a clothing brand specializing in gothic lolita punk alternative fashion.

You can find us all over the world, stocked at underground retailers and online e-tailers.

We have new collection online every quarter.

We offer original amazing designs, also offer custom service for some items.

Contact us sale1@darkinlove.com for more info. if you have any questions.

Happy Shopping!


Our story:

In the darkness of dreams, flows a mysterious desire, a rebellious yearning, a force from the abyss. It is the freedom dancing in the dark, the blossoming of personality, the burning of passion. This is the inspiration behind the DARK IN LOVE brand.


DARK IN LOVE designs not just clothing, but also an adventure in expressing individuality and alternative culture. It is the gothic reverie, the intersection of punk rationality and fanaticism, the unwavering fashion attitude, and the Lolita's kiss.


Wearing our designs, you will sense that rebellious force. It's not just clothing; it's an extension of the soul. We urge you to unleash the DARK IN LOVE attitude within, let it bloom in the darkness, and become your most authentic and courageous self.


We are not chasing the beauty defined by society, yet, so are you. In the darkness, we all reveal our mysterious beauty. DARK IN LOVE is an endless exploration, a subversion of tradition, and indifference to societal norms. It's not just a fashion journey but also a soul awakening.


Choose DARK IN LOVE, choose to be different. It's not about pursuing beauty in the eyes of others but discovering the power deep within yourself. Embrace the DARK IN LOVE attitude, let your clothing be the medium of expressing your personality, the language of your dialogue with the world. In this unique journey, don't worry about others' opinions because what you possess is more than anyone else.


Let's traverse the darkness together, discover the unstoppable power deep within, become messengers of DARK IN LOVE, and spread this extraordinary beauty that sets us apart.